Fundraising Event on Sept. 7!!

Hi! Quick Update: We have a fundraising event on September 7! The primary beneficiaries of our fundraising will go to the Care Orphans Institutes in Vietnam, the Disabled Children Institutes in Vietnam, Smile Train in the US, Vietnamese Buddhist Messengers of Love in Vietnam, March of Dime in the US, the Union Rescue Mission inContinue reading “Fundraising Event on Sept. 7!!”

Fortunate love of an unfortunate person

An extraordinary man who accepted his situation and understood that no one can escape suffering.Please read on.Fortunate love of an unfortunate person Every year, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day brought to us at ROF a lot of memories including a mixture of sadness and warmth of human love. In these days, our children slowdown whatContinue reading “Fortunate love of an unfortunate person”

Thank you for helping us help more disabled and the unfortunate/helpless people more than ever before.

Dear Contributors, On behalf of everyone here the ROF and all of the disabled, the orphans, the helpless people we helped those years, I thank you. ROF Khai D.Pham 818-919-6745 .. 1.ROF Contributor’s List in 2008.pdf 2.ROF Contributor’s List in 2009.pdf 3.ROF Contributor’s List in 2010.pdf 4.ROF Contributor’s List in Jan,Feb,Mar-2011.pdf 5. Japan Relief FundContinue reading “Thank you for helping us help more disabled and the unfortunate/helpless people more than ever before.”

The unfortunate / helpless people, who can not take care of themselves without the help of others.

Dear Benefactors, Many times, at our presentation at fundraising nights, questions were raised about the definition of “the unfortunate/helpless” people. Today ROF would like to explain the meaning of the “unfortunate/helpless” condition for all our supporters on this attached report. Thank you Khai D.Pham 818-919-6745 .. The unfortunate-helpless people.pdf

Please Join The 5/60 ROF’s Heart Of The Month Club

Dear Generous Donor, The Heart Of The Month Club is a monthly donation of $5.00 each month program, it will be collected on the first month of the year for the entire year. Your monthly pledge of $5.00 is equal to $60.00 a year (12 months). Your monthly pledge provides a steady and predictable sourceContinue reading “Please Join The 5/60 ROF’s Heart Of The Month Club”

ROF’s Letter to American Red Cross-International Relief Fund – For Japan Relief

Dear Contributors, Please see the Letter to American Red Cross International Relief Fund for Japan Relief from Reaching Out Foundation A Not-For-Profit Corporation. ROF Khai D.Pham 818-919-6745 .. AMERICAN RED CROSS-Japan relief.pdf

The Charity Trip To VietNam Of Reaching Out Foundation (ROF) In The Summer (July) Of 2010

Dear Benefactors, Brothers and Sisters.  There are too many people who meet insurmountable challenges; they are the blind, deaf, dumb, handicap, and the loneliness elderly. In addition, many children became orphans because the lost of their parents or have been dropped off at the door of Buddhist Temples because their parents were too poor toContinue reading “The Charity Trip To VietNam Of Reaching Out Foundation (ROF) In The Summer (July) Of 2010”