The meaningful trip to Vietnam of Reaching Out Foundation

 The meaningful trip to Vietnam of Reaching Out Foundation (ROF) in July 2010

 ROF is a non-for-profit organization approved by Federal and State to be tax-exempt under IRS section 501 (C) (3), and has been recognized as a Public Support Organization.

 The money contributed by ROF donors helped out many causes worldwide. From Cleft Lips Reparation program (please see report on this website) in many countries, including Vietnam, through the charity organization Smile Train, to the American Red Cross, to the disability organization Special Olympics, to the Los Angeles Mission, and so on. Thank to compatriot ties, ROF put aside a large portion of the donation to assist the needy in Vietnam.

 In July 2010, ROF visited eleven locations, from Thua Thien, Hue, to Saigon, to the regions of Mekong Delta, Tien Giang.

 There were many very young children, though lack of basis needs, but thank to community life, they live & play with peers, and are cared for by the loving heart of the “big sisters” (Buddhist nuns). These children didn’t think about life yet, didn’t know that they are orphans, didn’t feel sad, and just innocently enjoyed the present.

 When asked about their wishes, they replied soccer ball. The girls asked for baby dolls. They were full of hope and happy when we asked. Some of the older ones liked volley ball. Just all the simple things, but they don’t ever have. ROF were pleased to fulfill their requests. ROF volunteers felt their hearts warmed up by the smiles, the celebration of the orphans.

 Besides, there were countless heartbreaking situations in the hospitals, which words can not be described; donors can only feel the suffering through the pictures of the desperate hopeless patients, suffering in silence, submitting to fate, the elderly, the disabled youths spending the rest of their lives in extreme poverty. An eight years old child, with terminal cancer, said that she wanted to die to relieve the burden for her family.

 Thank to the donations, with your support and contribution that give ROF an opportunity to help and taking care of forty six needy cases on the spot. This meant that forty six persons/families received their life saving assistance.

 Millions of thanks to our benefactors,


 Sincere thanks to our friends of Huong Thien Bac Sieu group, with their love for the poor, came to help and work with the ROF, although with very limited time, the group has achieved great results

 Many thanks also to Buddhist nun Tue Dung and other benefactors who helped Reaching Out Foundation during our charitable activities in Vietnam.


Ba Già cô đơn/a lonely 87 yr old lady in Tân tây Gòcông
Waiting for the 2nd surgery

He has no family/không có gia đình/không có bà con

Lắng nghe nhu cầu của ngừơi ngặt/Listen to their needs
Xin giải quyết khẩn cấp/Begging for urgent action, issue resolved.
Nhà bán rồi/the house was sold
Trẽ mồ côi tại Bến Tre/Orphans in Bến TreTrẽ mồ côi tại Bến tre/Orphans in Ben Tre
Trẽ mồ côi tại Vũng Tàu/Orphans in Ba Ria-Vung TauTrừơng Câm và điếc/Mute-Deaf school in Mỹ Tho
Trừơng Khiếm Thị Bừng Sáng/Blind school in SaigonTrừơng Khiếm Thị Bừng Sáng/Blind schhol in Saigon
Trừơng Khiếm thị Bừng Sáng/Bung Sang Blind Schhool
Thank you for your support.

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REACHING OUT FOUNDATION A Not-For-Profit Corporation P.O. Box 41848, Long Beach, CA 90853 - Office Tel (818) 919-6745 - Cell (818) 288-1843 Email: Website: President, Thanhmy Nguyen History Reaching Out Foundation, formerly Nhom Thien Hoi Glendale, began its work in 1992, mobilized a grassroots effort to establish and organize a non-profit organization. Reaching Out Foundation is now recognized as an IRS 501 (c) (3) charitable organization and has continued its second decade to work to help orphanages, the elderly and disabled patients in nursing homes. Our Mission To reach out and offer educational and financial assistance to those who have the will but not the means to lead a meaningful, dignified and peaceful existence. Objectives -To work directly with administrators and caretakers of orphanages, hospitals and nursing homes in Viet Nam. -To provide exemplary civic and community volunteerism for younger generations. Operation -Reaching Out Foundation receives no government funding. Its resources come from general public support and fundraising. Currently, all staff members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their services. Administrative costs are currently covered by the founders and sponsors. -Reaching Out Foundation provides support through charitable agencies that care for the disabled children, orphans and elderly people in Viet Nam and in the United States. These agencies must be reputable, embrace and have in-lined purpose with the Mission Statement and Objectives of the Reaching Out Foundation. Highlight of Activities -Fundraising • Host fundraising banquets • Solicit donations from individuals and corporations -Community Out Reach • Perform free live entertainment for nursing homes in Orange County, California • Publish reports on ROF’s website Highlight of Beneficiaries -Contribute financial assistance to: • Vietnamese Buddhist Messengers of Love in Việt Nam • Care Orphans Institutes, Viet Nam • Disabled Children Institutes,Viet Nam • Disabled children Institutes, USA • American Red Cross, USA Founders and Full-Time Volunteers: -Thanhmy Nguyen, Co-Founder, serves as the Foundation’s President and Band Leader of the ROF Live Stage Band Former professional singer/entertainer Former Employee for Air Viet Nam, RVN Retired Associate Accountant for Ferguson Corp., USA -Khai D. Pham, Co-Founder, serves as Secretary/Treasurer Former Helicopter Pilot of the Vietnamese Air Force/ARVN Retired Sr. Logistics Engineer for Northrop Grumman Corp., USA

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  1. Very good reports on the trip to VN in July, 2010. Spending time in the record heat in VN to visit those people in need was commendable and priceless!

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