The meaningful trip to Vietnam of Reaching Out Foundation

 The meaningful trip to Vietnam of Reaching Out Foundation (ROF) in July 2010  ROF is a non-for-profit organization approved by Federal and State to be tax-exempt under IRS section 501 (C) (3), and has been recognized as a Public Support Organization.  The money contributed by ROF donors helped out many causes worldwide. From Cleft LipsContinue reading “The meaningful trip to Vietnam of Reaching Out Foundation”

Thời Khóa Biểu Thăm Viếng Giúp Vui Văn Nghệ cho/Visiting Nursing Home In The Months Of May-Jun-Jul, 2010 Revision “B”

This Revision “B” is the most current ROF’s schedule for entertaining  nursing home’s residents for the months of May, June, July-2010. 5-May-Jun-July-Aug-Sep-2010 Rev.B.pdf Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support. Khai D.Pham 818-919-6745

Letter/Receipt from American Red Cross in New York

Dear supporter, Here is the appreciative letter from American Red Cross in New York. American Red Cross-Haiti.pdf Thank you, ROF Kính xin mời quý vị xem lá thư của American Red Cross gửi lời cám ơn tất cả quý ân nhân của Hội Từ Thiện Bất Vụ Lợi ROF. Trân trọng kính chào, ROF