The Charity Trip To VietNam Of Reaching Out Foundation (ROF) In The Summer (July) Of 2010

Dear Benefactors, Brothers and Sisters.

 There are too many people who meet insurmountable challenges; they are the blind, deaf, dumb, handicap, and the loneliness elderly. In addition, many children became orphans because the lost of their parents or have been dropped off at the door of Buddhist Temples because their parents were too poor to take care of them; in hope that their children will be taking care and grown-up in the hand of those heartened, loving care people.

 To lend a hand to all these unfortunate people, suffering in mind and body, the not-for-profit Reaching Out Foundation (ROF) is an organization that was approved by Federal and State to be tax-exempt under IRS section 501 (C) (3), and has been recognized as a Public Support Organization.  With all the support from friends and donors, ROF was able to help and doing its charity works all over places in the world.

 The money contributed by ROF donors helped many causes worldwide, from the Cleft Lips Reparation program in many countries, including Vietnam, through the charity organization Smile Train, to the American Red Cross, to the disability organization Special Olympics, to the Los Angeles Mission USA; you can read their thank you letters posted in the ROF website. Due to nostalgia, ROF put aside a large portion of the donation to assist the needy in Vietnam.

 In July 2010, ROF visited eleven locations, from Thua Thien, Hue, to Saigon, to the regions of Mekong Delta, Tien Giang.

 During this visit, Reaching Out Foundation had direct contacts with both Catholic and Buddhist Nuns to buy the teaching tools and equipments to help teach the orphans and the disabled children some skills not only to support themselves, but to be independent as well.

 Together with those Nuns, ROF helped, and took care of many difficult, emergency cases from place to place.

 In addition, ROF helped financially those in need of surgery but couldn’t afford to pay for their medical costs in Cho Ray hospital, Trauma centers and Children hospitals, so that they can be treated, and return home, as soon as possible.

 ROF offered financial support for the elderly in serious condition, in order for them to receive their immediate medical treatments, as their time was running out.

 ROF also helped the discharged patients, who are in financial difficulty in order for them to return to their normal lives.

 Beside that, in the US, every weekend the ROF volunteer band, including the volunteer singers used their songs to comfort the desperate. From the year 2000 to today, the ROF volunteer band have been performed 252 shows in the Orange County Nursing Homes.

 Dear Benefactors,

ROF has seen the happiness faces of the recipients, the heartfelt thanks mixed with tears, the sincere hand shakes. Because as the recipients; they couldn’t believe that they were so lucky to have ROF on their side, to help and support them in the most difficult days of their lives.

 Those scenes deeply heartened all the ROF and volunteers. They are the motives to encourage ROF to overcome difficulties and continue with its mission. Your donations and support kept alive faith in countless unfortunate people and in the ROF volunteers as well.

 Once more, ROF thanks all the donors, who believed in ROF and gave ROF an opportunity to help the unfortunate people in the last 20 years. Together, we will bring light to brighten up the darkness in those needy people’s lives.

 During this trip, in 11 cities/towns, ROF helped, and took care of, forty six (46) urgent, emergency cases on the spot.

 Sincere thanks to our friends of  Huong Thien Bac Sieu group in Thua Thien, Hue.  The Huong Thien group, who has had the same mission as the ROF, and sharing the same love for the poor, came to help and work with the ROF. Although with limited time, the group has achieved great results.

 Many thanks also to Buddhist nun Tue Dung, Soeur Theresa Duong Thi Hien, the Soeurs in St. Paul My Tho convent, and all the benefactors who have helped Reaching Out Foundation during our charitable activities in Vietnam.

Please see supporting pictures below, Thank you for your support.


Translated by Sơn Lê

  Kính gửi quý ân nhân của ROF,

ROF đã thực hiện chuyến đi thăm ngừơi ngặt tại Việt Nam vào tháng 7-2010 vừa qua. ROF rất vui là đã thực hiện đựơc chuyến đi đầy ý nghĩa nầy. So với hai lần trứơc thì lần nầy tôi cảm thấy vấn đề di chuyển hơi chậm chạp, thời gian nghỉ dửơng sức nhiều hơn, và kéo dài hơn, có lẽ là vì thời tiết quá nóng và cũng vì cao niên. Tuy nhiên ROF vẫn hoàn tất chương trình từ thiện giúp ngừơi ngặt, không những, như đã dự trù 11 nơi, mà còn giải quyết đựơc cho 4 gia đình trong hoàn cảnh ngặt không lối thoát, ngoài chương trình.

ROF rất lấy làm vui sứơng là đã đem đựơc niềm vui bất ngờ cho những ngừơi ngặt đang khổ tâm trong bơ vơ và thất vọng. Những vẽ mặt vui mừng sung sứơng của những ngừơi bất hạnh, ngặt nghèo thúc đẩy bánh xe “giúp ngừơi ngặt” của ROF tiếp tục lăng, và tiếp tục ngày nào hay ngày nấy. Xin ơn trên tiếp tục soi sáng đừơng đi rộng lớn cho ROF và quý ân nhân.

Kính xin mời quý ân nhân đọc bài từơng trình và vài hình ảnh đính kèm.

Kính chào.

Khai D.Pham


1-ROF- Video VN trip in July-bài dài – V.pdf

1-ROF trips in Summer July 2010-ba`i da`i E.pdf

Nghiên cứu hồ sơ bịnh nhân xin giúp đở
Tìm cách giúp tốt nhứt cho bịnh nhân/Brainstorming to find the best solution for the patients
Tiến hành phương thức giúp/Decision was made
Quyết định cách giúp/solution found
Chung vui văn nghệ với ngừơi khiếm thị/Enjoy music with the blind
Xem món hàng làm bởi ngừơi khiếm thị/The object was made by the blind at Bung Sang school.

Thank you for your support.

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REACHING OUT FOUNDATION A Not-For-Profit Corporation P.O. Box 41848, Long Beach, CA 90853 - Office Tel (818) 919-6745 - Cell (818) 288-1843 Email: Website: President, Thanhmy Nguyen History Reaching Out Foundation, formerly Nhom Thien Hoi Glendale, began its work in 1992, mobilized a grassroots effort to establish and organize a non-profit organization. Reaching Out Foundation is now recognized as an IRS 501 (c) (3) charitable organization and has continued its second decade to work to help orphanages, the elderly and disabled patients in nursing homes. Our Mission To reach out and offer educational and financial assistance to those who have the will but not the means to lead a meaningful, dignified and peaceful existence. Objectives -To work directly with administrators and caretakers of orphanages, hospitals and nursing homes in Viet Nam. -To provide exemplary civic and community volunteerism for younger generations. Operation -Reaching Out Foundation receives no government funding. Its resources come from general public support and fundraising. Currently, all staff members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their services. Administrative costs are currently covered by the founders and sponsors. -Reaching Out Foundation provides support through charitable agencies that care for the disabled children, orphans and elderly people in Viet Nam and in the United States. These agencies must be reputable, embrace and have in-lined purpose with the Mission Statement and Objectives of the Reaching Out Foundation. Highlight of Activities -Fundraising • Host fundraising banquets • Solicit donations from individuals and corporations -Community Out Reach • Perform free live entertainment for nursing homes in Orange County, California • Publish reports on ROF’s website Highlight of Beneficiaries -Contribute financial assistance to: • Vietnamese Buddhist Messengers of Love in Việt Nam • Care Orphans Institutes, Viet Nam • Disabled Children Institutes,Viet Nam • Disabled children Institutes, USA • American Red Cross, USA Founders and Full-Time Volunteers: -Thanhmy Nguyen, Co-Founder, serves as the Foundation’s President and Band Leader of the ROF Live Stage Band Former professional singer/entertainer Former Employee for Air Viet Nam, RVN Retired Associate Accountant for Ferguson Corp., USA -Khai D. Pham, Co-Founder, serves as Secretary/Treasurer Former Helicopter Pilot of the Vietnamese Air Force/ARVN Retired Sr. Logistics Engineer for Northrop Grumman Corp., USA

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