Báo Cáo việc Làm Giúp Ngừơi Ngặt Tại Huế, Thừa Thiên của Nho ́m Hứơng Thiện Bác Siêu Mùa Xuân 2011

Kính thưa quý ân nhân,

ROF vừa mơi nhận đựơc hằng trăm tấm hình của những ngừơi đại diện phụ giúp ROF tại Việt Nam gửi qua để báo cáo trong nhiệm vụ giúp ngừơi nghèo, trong hòan cảnh ngặt bế tắc mà ROF thừơng gọi là “ngừơi ngặt”.

Phương thức làm việc giúp ngừơi ngặt như thừơng lệ, thăm viếng, tìm hiểu nhu cầu cần thiết, ứơc lựơng từng trừơng họp một, mỗi hòan cảnh đều có một trừơng họp nan giải khác nhau.

Trong lúc quý ân nhân cực khổ, tranh đấu kinh tế từng giờ từng ngày, quý ân nhân cũng nên vui thầm là quý ân nhân cũng đang giúp cho những ngừơi khổ hơn mình. ROF xin gửi một số hình tựơng trưng để từơng trình cùng quý ân nhân.

Thành thật cám ơn quý ân nhân.

Xin mời quý ân nhân xem hình ảnh đính kèm.

Mùa Xuân năm 2011


Huong Thien-Pics- vo website June 2011.pdf

Published by reachingoutfoundation

REACHING OUT FOUNDATION A Not-For-Profit Corporation P.O. Box 41848, Long Beach, CA 90853 - Office Tel (818) 919-6745 - Cell (818) 288-1843 Email: khaidangpham@yahoo.com Website: http://reaching-out-foundation.org President, Thanhmy Nguyen History Reaching Out Foundation, formerly Nhom Thien Hoi Glendale, began its work in 1992, mobilized a grassroots effort to establish and organize a non-profit organization. Reaching Out Foundation is now recognized as an IRS 501 (c) (3) charitable organization and has continued its second decade to work to help orphanages, the elderly and disabled patients in nursing homes. Our Mission To reach out and offer educational and financial assistance to those who have the will but not the means to lead a meaningful, dignified and peaceful existence. Objectives -To work directly with administrators and caretakers of orphanages, hospitals and nursing homes in Viet Nam. -To provide exemplary civic and community volunteerism for younger generations. Operation -Reaching Out Foundation receives no government funding. Its resources come from general public support and fundraising. Currently, all staff members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their services. Administrative costs are currently covered by the founders and sponsors. -Reaching Out Foundation provides support through charitable agencies that care for the disabled children, orphans and elderly people in Viet Nam and in the United States. These agencies must be reputable, embrace and have in-lined purpose with the Mission Statement and Objectives of the Reaching Out Foundation. Highlight of Activities -Fundraising • Host fundraising banquets • Solicit donations from individuals and corporations -Community Out Reach • Perform free live entertainment for nursing homes in Orange County, California • Publish reports on ROF’s website Highlight of Beneficiaries -Contribute financial assistance to: • Vietnamese Buddhist Messengers of Love in Việt Nam • Care Orphans Institutes, Viet Nam • Disabled Children Institutes,Viet Nam • Disabled children Institutes, USA • American Red Cross, USA Founders and Full-Time Volunteers: -Thanhmy Nguyen, Co-Founder, serves as the Foundation’s President and Band Leader of the ROF Live Stage Band Former professional singer/entertainer Former Employee for Air Viet Nam, RVN Retired Associate Accountant for Ferguson Corp., USA -Khai D. Pham, Co-Founder, serves as Secretary/Treasurer Former Helicopter Pilot of the Vietnamese Air Force/ARVN Retired Sr. Logistics Engineer for Northrop Grumman Corp., USA

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